Media 100i Refurbished Turnkey Systems

Thinking of investing in a professional Media 100 system?

1.25GHz G4 with DVD Burner, top of the line Media 100 XS v8 (OSX)
AND v7.5 (OS9.2), 300KB performance with real time preview transitions,
8 tracks of audio, 2 Viewsonic LCD 19" monitors
and 140GB of internal media storage.

Media 100i XR, real time transitions,
1.25GHz Mirror Door G4 with DVD Burner,
1 TB external storage array.
Configuration and Media 100 software version determine actual pricing.

For remotes or trucks, we do complete rack integration.

Click here for Detailed System Specs

You may have heard about or seen one of our many cost effective refurbished systems now in use. These systems consist of refurbished Mac computers and Media 100 components that have been completely assembled and tested in an editing environment. While we call them "refurbished" to get your attention, most of the components (Seagate drives, Viewsonic monitors) are new with a full manufacturer's warranty. Each system comes with a one year of TLD system technical support and a one year new hardware warranty on Media 100 components.

Can we really package and sell a top of the line system at these prices? Yes. We can usually offer you a number of Media 100 software versions, which will change the price somewhat. Furthermore, we can sell you the system upgraded to the latest Media 100 software with options of your choice. We can do this because all systems are registered with Media 100 and are therefore elligible for all Media 100 Platinum programs, special offers and upgrades. We can also help you with your system design and can arrange for an equipment lease.

Whatever the version, your system has all the major features of the latest version of software. 8 tracks of audio, 300KB performance, real time titles, EDL support, VTR control. This is an excellent system for the new video professional who wants to keep his cost or monthly payments low while building his business. As your business grows, add Photoshop, After Effects and by then it may be time for your upgrade to Media 100 HD. All systems we sell are sophisticated and stable NLE systems, capable of giving you an excellent return on your investment. You will not need to upgrade the system in order to do fully professional work, competitive with any current model Media 100 available. The video and sound quality in earliest versions is identical to the quality in the latest OSX version! The user interface is essentially the same as on all versions and projects you create on your system can be transferred to any of the later systems. You may ask, "So why upgrade??". Good question. An earlier version may well suit your needs.

We think our approach makes sense because there are some amazing values in refurbished equipment available. You only need to add a VTR and video and audio monitoring to begin editing. We even color code the cables for easier "out of the box and edit" installation.

You can customize your system. Want an extra monitor? Have your own computer? Option up or down. We do suggest buying a full system as we can include full system configuration, testing and post sale support that way. We also can help you with options for audio, other software, etc.

Terms: Cash or check in advance of shipment. Sorry, we don't have a credit department and pass the savings on to you. We require a deposit of a minimum of $2000.00 (VISA OK). Systems can be shipped COD for the balance as a cashiers check. The system is approved for leasing and we can help you with that.

Shipping: Typical shipping charges across the country: FedX 3 day - $325, (175 lbs.).

Questions? Email, or give us a call.

A little bit about us:

TimeLine Designs is owned by Bruce Rayner, who has over 35 years in the broadcast, post production editing and non linear fields. At the Grass Valley Group he earned several patents and an Emmy for the development of "E-MEM", the standard of production switcher memory systems. After leaving GVG, he worked for Media 100 Inc, helping to bring the Media 100 to market. He is now president of TimeLine Designs, which sells only Media 100 turnkey systems. The company is located in the California Sierra, near Lake Tahoe. For more information, look through our web site.

How did TimeLine Designs get its start? In 1996, Grass Valley Group sold Media 100 systems under the name VideoDesktop. TLD purchased that division and has continued to sell high quality tested turnkey systems in the GVG tradition. We work with Media 100 to put new system warranties on our affordable editing systems. Most of our business (we have well over 100 systems in the field, from Yellowknife to Indonesia) is done via the internet and FedEx, and we try to service your needs overnight if required, to any place in the US and Canada.

Now for some Detailed Specs and list of components that come with the systems mentioned above:

These are our Viewsonics CRT monitors, the 21" and the 19". Pretty close in size, huh? For the economy minded the 19" is 2/3 the price!

Storage Arrays:

    We have built SCSI storage arrays under our TLD name for our systems. Of course, we can still supply expansion drives or storage upgrades for these system. However, today internal or external IDE drives (single or packaged as an array) are a more cost effective solution. In any event, we will configure your storage as "ready to edit".

    Do you have one of the many Nubus systems still in use? We can expand your storage using selected drives which will give you top performance on your system. Note: Newer drives advertised are not always compatible with the older SCSI I standard on nubus systems.

Micronet Platinum Array (with G4 Mirror Door)

Hardware arrays of IDE drives with a SCSI interface to the Mac is now the way we recommend of achieving economical Terrabyte levels of storage. This array contains five drives in a fault tolerant hardware array (Raid 5 - Lose one drive and you are still OK). Further, these arrays can be used in an upgrade to the Media 100 HD. (1 TB = $2100).

    IDE Drives The G4s all use IDE internal drives and provide upto 4 slots for expansions. However, due to heat considerations, we recommend using only 2 of these slots. By rearranging the internal buses, we can put 2 drives on the fastest buses, adding up to 400 GB of storage internally. Generally, a single drive will work well with digitizing rates up to 300KB, though we conservatively rate them at 200KB. We can array two drives together to increase digital throughput. However, losing one drive in a Raid 0 array will result in losing two drives worth of data.

    Firewire Drives have become fast enough to directly digitize media at rates up to 300KB, conservatively 200KB/frame. Because the single drive enclosures and be hot swapped and can be looped together, this type of storage is useful for sneaker netting files to another system, and cheap enough for backup storage. Size and prices ($200 for a 160GB drive) are about the same as our installed IDE drives above.

Media 100 Accessories Catalog for Existing or New Systems

TimeLine Designs offers a number of accessories for your Media 100 system. Software, Hardware, new and used. We take Visa/MC and can ship overnight via FedEx or UPS Ground.


  • Norton's Utilities 6.0. $60
  • Adobe Photoshop - A must for creating graphics
  • Boris Effects - Multi-layer composited effects
  • Adobe After Effects Production Bundle - High end compositing tool
  • Ultimatte - Professional Chroma key tool

Software is either new or tradeins that have been upgraded and registered. Ask for a quote.


    VueTech "VueFinder" VTR Jogger

Vtr Control By Vuetech

VueFinder Jog control for all Sony Betacam and Panasonic SVHS/RS422 -- $319

VariVue TBC control for all Sony Betacam and Panasonic -- $198

RS422 to VX1000 (LANC) adapter for Media 100 3.0/4.0 VTR control -- $248. Contact us for prices on other systems.

Rentals: We rent drives and complete systems. Contact us for rates.


    Need details? Here are a few notes that may help. Or call/email us.

    Add a professional quality jogger to your UVW1800/Media 100 editing combination. Solid all metal construction takes up only 8"x4" on your desktop and allows you to easily search tapes to the frame WHILE using the Media 100. It's also a great improvement over the limited front panel controls on the UVW. No more error messages because your UVW is not in remote mode. Your manual controls are always active. Note: The VueFinder has a true jog function, unlike the somewhat unpredictable control on the Media 100. Prices above.

    Add a VuTech TBC remote control to your UVW. Matches the VueFinder above. Maybe you didn't even know that your UVW has a complete set of controls for it's built in TBC. This panel allows you to set Lum level, Black level, and chroma for all outputs as well as hue, Y/C delay, H phase and SC phase on S and composite outputs. All the functions of the Sony PVW and higher end models for thousands less. These external controls can be set quickly and accurately using the M100 waveform and vectorscope. Yes, the Media 100 has controls on the input setup window for some of these settings, but the M100 controls for luminance and black interact, making it very difficult to set these parameters accurately. For quick, on the fly trims, use the same approach high end professional use.

    The Ultimatte for Macintosh software is the "ultimate". We've been using version 2.0 with excellent results. Highly recommended. It will work with any color, will leave shadows in or out, has all the wonderful controls that the "real" Ultimatte systems have. You can, for instance adjust the white balance of the foreground and background separately to make your composite look more natural. Other neat features: Garbage matte, so you don't have to paint the whole set, and grain remover, which eliminates film grain OR COMPRESSION NOISE. (I know some want to put grain into video). Comes with plug ins for the Media 100 and After Effects. Take a closer look at

    BTW This package will allow you to do some nice chroma keying with your VX1000. Though the VX1000 has a limited chroma bandwidth, the ability of Ultimatte to contol the linear edge effects rusults in a good looking soft key, especially when keying through smoke or glass. Because of its
    additive mix capability, even with soft matte edges, individual hairs on a persons head will appear in the key. For the best key edge definition (with the VX1000 or any camera, make sure there is some luminance difference between background and foreground.

TLD Telephone Tech Support for Media 100 v2.6.2 software

TLD, in an agreement with Media 100, Inc has taken over support for legacy software on both nubus and PCI systems. If you are a TLD customer, your system includes free support for one year. For others, TLD will offer technical support on a paid basis at $100/hour of telephone time with a $100 minimum. We should be able to help you with your Media 100 software as well as your system components. Your Media 100 hardware for PCI systems can still be returned to Media 100 for repair.

If you are considering using our service, please follow the guidelines below. It will reduce the time needed to find your problem, and you may be able to fix the system yourself.

1. Read over the applicable sections of the manual that came with your system to make sure that your questions cannot be answered through tips or trouble shooting information. If you are not too familiar with the Macintosh operating system and the terms used in the manual, consult first with someone in your organization who can help you with computer operation basics.
2. Look on our website at some the operational and maintenance tips to see if they could be on any help to you.
3. Finally, call TLD between the hours of 9am and 5pm pacific time and we will hopefully be able to answer your questions. Payment can be by VISA, MC or American Express.

New! Extended Warranty Insurance

We are now offering a solid, 3-5 year extended warranty with many of our products. We can also sell you this package for any equipment you might have purchased within the past year. The plan is simple and complete. In case of trouble, get a quote from your local repair facility or, for instance, Sony, in the case of Sony camcorders; call Warrentech for approval, get it fixed, send them the repair invoice for reimbursement. The plan will cover computer equipment and some video equipment. Contact us for prices.