System Components/Upgrades

Upgrade your System

Our primary business is selling refurbished Media 100 systems and SCSI Storage systems. Along the way, we have found good sources for those hard to find system items; cables, adapters, extensions and so forth. Look through our list and see if you could make your system easier to use with the following items. We've listed just a few items here, primarily for 9500/9600 based system, but give us a call for anything else you are looking for.
Get rid of that noise!

Put your CPU and Storage tower in a closet! Consider that when editing audio, Media 100 is capable of some 80db signal to noise ratio, but you can only hear 50 of that due to your fan noise. The only problem with this approach is the Mac monitor extension cable, which can degrade the performance of high resolution monitors like our Viewsonic line. We have found a good double shielded cable that offers no noticeable degradation. Lengths up to 75'. Starting at $15 for a 10' extension. The keyboard extension cables (ADB) start at $13 for 10'.

TLD Media Storage Systems (More Gigabytes!)

Drives are getting cheaper! See our line of TLD drives.

Mac OS

If you are upgrading to Mac OS 8.6 or 9.0.4 (which you need to do to take advantage of Altivec coding for the G4 processor), we can make life easier with our OS upgrade kit. It includes the Mac OS CDROM plus our custom CD with the Media 100 System Folder ready to just copy to your hard drive. Plus we give you our assortment of handy utilities (See the specs below).
OS 8.6 upgrade kit $140
OS 9.0.4 upgrade kit $160


Your new OS or Media 100 upgrade will take a lot more ram. For Media 100 7.0 you'll need 256MB minimum. If you've been looking at RAM prices for the G4 machines, you're probably discouraged as those prices have come down. We now have a lower priced source for 95/9600s: $280 for a 128MB upgrade kit (2 - 64MB DIMMs, plus installation instructions).


Replace the backup battery while you're doing the RAM: $10

Audio System

Here is a nice, compact stereo monitoring system from Altec Lansing, the ACS-48, including subwoofer for $145.


We supply many of the cables you will need in setting up a system:
RS422 cable, serial Mac to VTR 9 pin $30
BNC cables, starting at $6
Svideo cables, starting at $6
XLR audio cables, starting at $10
SCSI III cables, typ $27
Plus we have adapters that will extend or couple your extisting cables.

Note: For cables and small stuff, we have a minimum order of $50.


TLD Utilities CD ROM Contents

- System Picker 1.1 - Allows convenient switching between multiple System Folders (This is what you use to switch to your ugraded system, without destroying the older (working!) system folder).
- Battery Checker - Checks condition of internal Backup battery
- HDT Prober - Identifies and mounts drives on all SCSI ports
- Performance Utility 2.3.2T - Checks performance of drives or arrays in Megabytes/sec
-TLD Disk Sleeper - Powers down external/internal drives and arrays in sleep mode
Shareware, Demos:
- CopyPaste - Adds 10 copy & paste memories to the standard single memory
- Default Folder - Adds choices to each Save menu to allow easy selection of folders
- OneClick 2.0 - Adds Macro programming capability

The software included here is generally available on the internet in various nooks and cranies. Some is freeware, the more important ones, like Sleeper are applications we have purchased for resale. Thus you may use this software in your organization, but please do not distribute it beyond your company.

We have also included a few Shareware demos and references. Should you find any of these useful, please order a copy from the supplier.

All utilities have been evaluated on System 7.6.1 through 9.0.4 and found to be compatible with Media 100.